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Happy New Year!

May the New Year be Full of Happiness,
Success, Good Health and
with all the things that make life more sweet.

Happy Holidays!

I wish to all a Merry Christmas!
May it be full of happiness and love with your loved ones.

Happy Easter!

             In this year I hope that the little rabbit brings for Easter
a lot of chocolates, almonds and all kind of sweet things.

              May you enjoy the sweet moment with all you beloved one.

             To all Happy Easter!                    

Christmas Time

        My dear friends,
        Another year has gone full with the warn of the smooth brise of spring, the hot of summer, the rigorous cold wind of autumn and now the cold of the snow at winter time.
       The comes and goes of the season are the mark that allow us to remember the symbolisms of which times and make remember of the past and also about the happy memories.


I wish you all a very
Mery Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

This Christmas I've decided to use my flowers to do something different from the tradition of my hometown.

Merry Christmas!

         My dear friends,

           I wish you all from the deepest of my heart that this Christmas is full of joy, warmth and love in the company of your family and those you love and love you.

          I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


Finally has open


It took about two years to care for a simple flower.
The reason: the kind of weather but specifically the large concentration of moisture in the air in the area where I live.
I hope you enjoy this flower.